Wave Maker

Louis Marinaro
1988; Bronze; Sculpture
Ross Athletic Campus; Plaza behind (south of) Physical Properties Building

This piece represents an evergreen tree and its reflection in water, as a female figure stirs the water with a willow branch, affecting the tree’s reflection. The sculptor described the subject of this work as “reaping and harvesting.” He further describes it as “commemorating the time in our lives as well as the time of season in which we collect the fruits of our labors just as the farmer and the worker reap the benefits of their work. The female figure and the evergreen tree are images in this work intended to glorify the human and natural spirit of this earth. They signify the cycle of life (figure) and its everlasting qualities (evergreen). The reflection of the tree is meant as a metaphor for the fruits of our labors as they are a reflection of what we are and what we make.” Marinaro is a U-M associate professor of art and also the sculptor of Regeneration of Time near the Medical Center.