Gifts of Art galleries at Michigan Medicine

One of the first and most comprehensive healthcare arts programs nationwide, Gifts of Art brings the world of art and music to Michigan Medicine. During times of stress and illness, the arts have the power to nurture and engage. Gifts of Art programs utilize the arts to assist and enhance the healing process, reduce stress, support human dignity and renew the spirit.

Gifts of Art curates nine galleries of changing art exhibitions throughout the hospital, and organizes a weekly, public concert series in music, theatre and dance. They also support the U-M Life Sciences Orchestra.

Gifts of Art has created two fine art coloring books featuring designs by former exhibiting artists, local and national artists and designers, and U-M Penny W. Stamps Art and Design students. It shares about 25,000 fine art coloring books a year with Michigan Medicine patients, families and visitors.

The Program’s page has information on: Bedside Art with 4,500 patient visits a year; Bedside Music with over 8,000 people reached a year; the FRIENDS Meditation Garden; hospital-wide art making projects; and more.

Gifts of Art also has a permanent art collection and is sponsored, in part, by the FRIENDS of Michigan Medicine, grants, donations and art sales. Learn how you can make a gift today.