Dream of the Young Girl and Dream of the Young Man

Marshall Fredericks
1948; Bronze; Sculpture
North Campus; the North exterior wall of Bentley Historical Library, by the courtyard

These pieces were originally installed on the east side of the Literature, Science and the Arts building on Central Campus, near the front doors. Fredericks was also the sculptor of the 37 other bas reliefs on the facades of the LSA building. All the pieces were meant to be associated with “youth and education and possess a universality and humor that is timeless. They are a monument to the students and their abilities to conceive and accomplish great things.” Fredericks, who worked as an assistant to Carl Milles at Cranbrook and taught there for ten years, is also the sculptor of the American Eagle, at Michigan Stadium, and the bas reliefs on the Rackham Educational Memorial in Detroit, as well as bronze busts of several prominent faculty members. In 2004, when the LSA building was completely renovated, the Dream plaques were removed and installed at the Bentley Historical Library.