Acacia Bench

1929; Limestone, Bronze; Artifact
Central Campus; West of Hatcher Library

Gift of the Acacia National Council. Acacia Fraternity was founded at Michigan on May 12, 1904, by fourteen Master Masons, as an outgrowth of the University of Michigan Masonic Club. The bench was presented in 1929 at the 25th anniversary of the founding. Although active today at numerous colleges, Acacia does not currently have a chapter at Michigan. The plaque reads: “May 12, 1904–ACACIA–May 12, 1929. In honor of the founders of Acacia, the National Council of the Fraternity has caused this tablet to be erected on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Founding of the order at the University of Michigan, where the Fraternity was instituted.” The names of the fourteen founding members are also given.