Triad Ritual

Beverly Pepper
1993; Cast Iron; Sculpture
North Campus; Plaza north of the Duderstadt Center – Pierpont Commons Connector

Gift of the Engineering Class of 1937 and the artist. Pepper changed the forms she worked with in the late 1970s to “totemic vertical ‘presences’ that have a transcendental aura. Believing that sculpture should affirm the continuity of the human spirit despite the threat of nuclear and racial holocausts, she called them ‘altars’ and ‘sanctuaries’…Reminiscent of ancient cycladic idols of Greek columns, the tapered shafts crowned with arcs or wedge forms stand like gods and goddesses against the sky, each slightly different from the next— just as we are all different from one another, yet have a common humanity.” Pepper is also the artist of Ternary Marker located on Central Campus.