Three Part Form

James C. Myford
1997; Aluminum; Sculpture
Other; West side of Arbor Lakes complex in courtyard near building 1

Commissioned by Manufacturing Data Systems for their building complex and installed in 1981. Acquired by the university when the Arbor Lakes complex was purchased by the U-M in 1997. The artist stated: “The concept behind this sculptural form is essential to its already rich visual environment. The design approach relates directly to the feel for space and how the architectural forms interact with that space. The sculpture is in three parts, which are physically independent of each other—but visually are very dependent in order for the entire unit to function. The placement of each part to the others is most critical aesthetically. The combination of cast and plate aluminum provides contrast in surface quality and tonal differences. Utilizing this contrast, the relationship and intrinsic qualities of the material are enhanced and become a contributing factor in the total statement.”