Mud Lake Bog

Administered by the Botanical Gardens, the Mud Lake property includes a trail that leads across a field and descends into an extensive swamp forest. During wet periods the swamp may be flooded. By following blue marks painted on trees, you will arrive at the bog proper, which surrounds Mud Lake. The bog has large floating mats and much poison sumac. Marshes can be found on the west side of the bog. The bog is located near Whitmore Lake, in Washtenaw County. Take US 23 North to Barker Road and turn left. After about one mile, the road bends sharply to the left and then to the right. About one-quarter mile beyond this point, there is a house on the left. Nearly opposite this house is a pair of posts with a chain between them. There is no sign posted. The trail starts at the posts and provides access to the bog. Maps are available.