Hob Nob

Clement Meadmore
2007; Aluminum; Sculpture
North Campus; Lawn on the west side of Space Research building

Gift of Jagdish Janveja (BA 1963) and Saroj Janveja (BA 1968). Hob Nob was fabricated in 2007 based on a design maquette from 1992. It measures 32′ 8″ long by 17′ wide by 13′ 9″ high.

Clement Meadmore wrote of his works: “I believe that we have a sense of three-dimensional form that, along with our sense of balance, enables us to respond directly and naturally to the considered arrangement of clearly defined forms in space. In my work the forms are geometric; my goal is to make geometry yield an expressive result. I also search for configurations that enable the viewer to see and understand the whole sculpture from any single viewpoint.”