Ferry Field Flagpole and Memorial Plaques

1919; Bronze; Memorial
Ross Athletic Campus; East end of Ferry Field track, behind (south of) Intramural Building

The flagpole and the original plaque (in the center) were placed by the M Club in November 1919 to commemorate U-M varsity men who had given their lives for their country in World War I. The plaque was originally mounted on a stone pier, but this was changed to brick when later plaques were added. A second plaque, on the left, was added to honor varsity M men who perished in World War II, and the lower right plaque was placed as a memorial to a varsity man who gave his life in Vietnam. The fourth plaque, upper right, is the only one that is not a war memorial, but serves to commemorate the four world records set by Jesse Owens on Ferry Field in 1935, when he represented Ohio State in a Big Ten track meet.