Arriving Home

Dennis Oppenheim
2007; Steel, acrylic

Central Campus; located between the 1100 North University Building and Chemistry Building

Gift of Jagdish Janveja (BA 1963) and Saroj Janveja (BA 1968) in appreciation of the University’s dedicated staff, whose commitment and strength galvanize our never-ending mission.

With a career producing works in varied genres such as land, conceptual, video and performance art, Dennis Oppenheim’s Arriving Home draws from the artist’s diverse background. Arriving Home uses the tapered extruded form of a house carved into a circle that evokes the cycles of departure, travel and return, with the gradual widening of the spiral suggesting the increasing anticipation of the arrival. In addition, Arriving Home engages with the natural world by reflecting the sun’s rays into changing iridescent light on the surface of the acrylic panels, and also echoes the circular form of Oppenheim’s earlier land works such as Annual Rings, where he shoveled snow in concentric circles along the US-Canada border evoking the rings of a tree. One of several similar sculptures scattered across the globe, the multiplicity of these works locates home in a variety of spaces, expanding the definition of home to include a broader audience. Commemorating the bicentennial anniversary of the founding of the University of Michigan and in particular, the two hundred years of dedication of the university’s faculty and staff, Arriving Home was purchased with funding by alumnus and employee Jagdish Janveja and President Mark Schlissel.