President’s Advisory Committee on Public Art

  • 2074 Fleming Administration Building
  • 503 Thompson Street
  • Ann Arbor, MI 48103

The University of Michigan, as an institution committed to learning, inquiry, and creativity, seeks to provide a rich and variegated campus environment in which members of our community can engage in these activities and be at home in spaces that are uniquely “Michigan.” Public art can play a significant part in creating such an environment, an environment conducive to the development of mind, soul, and spirit by our faculty, students and staff.

The President’s Advisory Committee on Public Art was established in 2006 to

  • Advise the president on matters concerning public art.
  • Guide a strategic approach to the development of the public art environment on campus.
  • Identify high-priority sites for new installations.
  • Review and recommend approaches to the long-term funding of public art.
  • Review proposals for new works or installations of public art, in coordination with the University Planner’s Office (UPO) and other relevant offices and committees, and make recommendations to the president.
  • Advocate for public art and the University’s public art program and assist in the cultivation of resources for public art.