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U-M Museum of Art Unites with Art Museums on College Campuses Across the Country Ahead of 2024 Election

Jamie Sherman Blinder, UMMA

The U-M Museum of Art is set to play a crucial role in the 2024 U.S. presidential election season by presenting a series of non-partisan exhibitions and events with a coalition of 10 art museums, all on public university campuses, across the country aimed at showcasing the power of art in fostering civic engagement. 

U-M has a history of heightened engagement around elections, particularly through its Creative Campus Voting Project which creates a seamless voting experience for young—and often first-time—voters with the hopes of fostering a new generation of lifelong voters.

In addition to U-M, the coalition of art museums on college campuses includes those at Michigan State University, Penn State University, UCLA, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Iowa, University of Nebraska, University of Oregon, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. Many of the museums are in areas of the country often cited as “purple states,” where political divisions can be heightened.

Designed to unify disparate conversations around democracy and bridge political divides across their varied campuses, the coalition will host high-profile exhibitions, public programs, and collaborative initiatives each designed for their unique communities. Many of these programs have begun to roll out and will continue into the Fall 2024 election season. 

“There is no better place for this kind of community building and civic participation than art museums,” said Christina Olsen, Director of UMMA. “Art brings people together and helps us understand and accept our differences in ways few other things can. This partnership with other art museums on college campuses makes it clear how essential the role we all play in our communities can be.”

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