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Two Sides of the Coin: Endi Poskovic on "Arts & Resistance"

Katelyn Stuck

This year, the University of Michigan’s Arts Initiative presents the Fall 2023 Theme Semester: Arts & Resistance. The campus-wide engagement reflects how creativity and making can arise from oppression and destruction. Arts & Resistance has generated public performances, courses, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, and mini-grants for students. 

One key figure in the semester is Stamps Professor Endi Poskovic, a renowned artist, printmaker, and educator. Poskovic will lead two workshops this fall: DIY Typography Workshop: Exploring Chipboard & Stencil in Printing and Towards Inclusive Practice: Japanese Papermaking Workshop. An exhibition of art glass by Polish 20th-century artists and designers from his personal collection, Modernist Glass from the Polish Past, will also open at Weiser Hall on September 15. 

Poskovic delves into his interpretation of the themed semester and how his practice plays a role. Read the full story over at Stamps.