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The Mandorla of Life Sciences and the Arts

This series of lectures delivered by local and visiting scholars, artists, and scientists aims introduce undergraduate students who are at the beginning of their research and/or medical career to different approaches taken by people of various disciplines in understanding the science of life. The invited speakers represent a wide range of subject matter, medium, and purpose that are derived from the crossings of art and life sciences.

The first few weeks of course invites researchers across the campus to provide a broad theoretical and philosophical context regarding the two fields of study. The main body of the series will be lectures presented by artists and scientists on their work. This course makes no claim to being comprehensive of a particular field of art or science, and the goal of the lectures is to expose students to the range of artifacts and activities that results from the interdisciplinary dynamics.

The aim is to leave students with memorable examples that represent methods and approaches radically different from conventional scientific research, which nonetheless examine life forms. The creative processes and alternative outlooks demonstrated through this course will help each student down the road as one dive deeper into their scientific/medical trainings and develop a specialty of their own research.

Instructor Lia Min is a post-doc fellow jointly sponsored by the Life Sciences Institute and the Penny Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan.


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