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The Analog Summer Project

By Sydney Hawkins

In May 2016, students in the Eco-Explorers course traveled to Gabon to partner with two rural villages to design and build projects including improved cook-stoves, beehives, solar lighting, and a prototype of a waterwheel to make a few volts of power. During the winter 2016 semester, Eco-Explorers honed their design methods, refined construction skills, and learned about the languages and cultures of Gabon.

The University of Michigan is one of the oldest and largest public universities in the nation. Originally established in Detroit in 1817 as the Catholepistemiad, or University of Michigania, we relocated to Ann Arbor the same year that Michigan became a state in 1837.

That means we’ve shared 178 summers together in Tree Town.

Students rollerskating in front of Angell Hall, April 30, 1927. Photo courtesy of Rob Havey at Bentley Historical Library.

Students rollerskating in front of Angell Hall, April 30, 1927. Photo courtesy of Rob Havey at Bentley Historical Library.

Whether you count them in strolls through “The Arb,” in spins of “The Cube,” in scoops of Washtenaw Dairy ice cream or in sangrias on Dominick’s patio, that adds up to lot of sunny memories.

Join us as we rewind over the summer of 2016. We’ll play you some familiar tunes, show you some familiar faces and take you wayyy back to some all too familiar places.

Subject 3: Polaroid Project

Subject 3: Polaroid Project

Through our Analog Summer project (#UManalogSummer), we hope to highlight the University of Michigan’s long-standing ties to a creative community that shines just a bit brighter in the summertime.

From staples like the Ann Arbor Art Fair, the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, and the weekly Ann Arbor Artisan/Farmers Markets—to newer(ish) traditions like Shakespeare in the Arb, the Water Hill Music Festival or Sonic Lunch, we’ll share a few secrets from the past that will attempt to capture the magic of a mid-mitten summer.

Participation is highly encouraged. Whether you’re an alum or a townie with fuzzy memories packed away in shoeboxes—or a graduating senior who carries all of yours in your pocket—we hope you’ll submit your photos, memories or ephemera for us to share on our online, new school Tumblr time capsule.

Thanks to U-M Bentley Historical Library, the Wolverine Press, the University Musical Society (UMS), the U-M Library, the Ann Arbor District Library, and many others for partnering with U-M Arts & Culture on this project.

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