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Spark of inspiration

Borrowing the template of the world-renowned TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference, TEDxUofM is a multidisciplinary galvanization of the Michigan community to spark collaborative inspiration, discovery, and excitement.

This year, as part of the organization’s vision to extend the spirit of collaborative ideation beyond the date of the conference (March 29), TEDxUofM began theSpotlight Project – a series of filmed interviews – to surface the remarkable stories of fellow Wolverines.

PLEASE CLICK ON LINK TO VIEW VIDEO: Jovanni de Pedro – Spotlight Project from TEDxUofM on Vimeo.

The latest of these interviews, which will continually be released throughout the year, feature School of Music, Theatre & Dance students Jovanni-Rey V. de Pedro, a doctoral student in Piano Pedagogy Performance, and Ashley Park, the co-founder and president of the Michigan Performance.