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Songs for Cuba

By Nathan Hyson

As a part of their annual Spring Tour, the University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club will perform in Cuba, May 10-14.

While in Cuba, the Glee Club will share two concerts with Cuban choirs.

In Matanzas, where they will also participate in volunteer work at the Seminario de Matanzas, the Glee Club will share a concert with Coro de Camara de Matanzas (José Antonia Méndez, conductor) at the Biblioteca Gener y del Monte. In Havana they will share a concert with Coro Entrevoces (Digna Guerra, Conductor) at the Basilica Menor del Convento. They will also be given a Master Class by Maestra Digna Guerra.

The trip was conceptualized and initiated by U-M students. In March, the Glee Club received approval for the trip from the Office of Foreign Assets and Controls of the U.S. Treasury Department . The Cuba tour will be flanked by concerts in the  in Memphis, New Orleans, Tallahassee, Sarasota, and Ft. Lauderdale.

The U-M Men’s Glee Club’s annual Spring Hill concert will be 8 p.m. Saturday, April 9 at Hill Auditorium.

For more information, please visit U-M MEN’S GLEE CLUB

Nathan Hyson is a University of Michigan student majoring in cellular and molecular biology. He is tour manager for the University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club.