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Soldiers' Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan

Former Specialist Andrew Floyd, 2/377th Parachute Field Artillery Regiment, U.S. Army, veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom; Ann Arbor, MI, 2013, from the series Soldiers’ Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan, by Jennifer Karady, 2013. Chromogenic color print, 48” x 48”.

Jennifer Karady works with American veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and creates “staged narrative photographs” that address their stories/difficulties adjusting to civilian life. Our installation debuts new works based on the personal accounts of two U-M student veterans. The photographs are accompanied by text and audio recordings from the extensive interviews Karady does with the veterans and their families before the shoot. There will also be a shed (yes, like from Home Depot) in the gallery referencing a house and serving as a listening room for more recordings. “Once inside, the house noticeably transforms into a soldier’s bunk, suggestive of the deeply personal and interior terrain where these memories and stories ultimately dwell.”

Through exhibitions, critical inquiry, and outreach , the Institute for the Humanities brings the perspectives of veterans into our year-long consideration of life writing, as an acknowledgement of the value of their human experiences and points of view as members of our U-M community.


New Work: Photographs and Sound Installation by Jennifer Karady

Artist Jennifer Karady meticulously stages photographs that represent the particularity of memories and recollections of individual veterans, juxtaposed with the environs of their everyday civilian lives.

Date: 09/25/2014 – 11/12/2014

Time: 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Location: Institute for the Humanities Gallery, 202 S. Thayer, Ann Arbor

Photographs and Stories by Jennifer Karady

Soldiers’ stories photographs are accompanied by sound stories edited by Karady from the interviews, whereby images in combination with these original voices create an intimacy with the material.

Date: 10/10/2014 – 11/12/2014

Time: 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Location: Slusser Gallery, 2000 Bonisteel

Panel on War & Memory

Reflections on war and memory from three different perspectives. An academic, artist, and a therapist will present perspectives on war and memory as it pertains to their work as well as participate in a conversation on the subject.

Date: 10/10/2014

Time: 12:30PM

Location: Institute for the Humanities, 202 S. Thayer, #1022

Opening Reception: Soldiers’ Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan

This exhibition at the Slusser Gallery features Jennifer Karady’s past work on the Soldiers’ Stories project.

Date: 10/10/2014

Time: 6:00PM

Location: Slusser Gallery, 2000 Bonisteel

Panel on Women and the Military: Combat Paper Nevada

The Combat Paper Project was formed to help veterans cope with experiences in war. The processes include making paper out of their old uniforms to then create art on them as well as many other creative outlets to connect to fellow veterans. This event is a panel discussion on women and the military with Combat Paper representatives Tina Drakulich, Jo Meacham, and Luana Ritch with U-M’s Megan Sweeney.

Date: 11/03/2014

Time: 4:00PM – 5:30PM

Location: North Quad room 2435

Combat Paper art workshop

The Combat Paper Project has exhibits and workshops available to further expand their knowledge as well as connect on a more national level with others. This event is a workshop with SCombat Paper representatives Tina Drakulich, Jo Meacham, and Luana Ritch.

Date: 11/04/2014

Time: 5:00PM – 7:00PM

Location: North Quad room 2435

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