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SHEI Magazine to launch new issue this weekend

By Alana Valko

The cover for the 36th print issue of SHEI Magazine, launching December 7th.
Established in 1999, SHEI Magazine began as a student-run Asian American pop culture magazine at the University of Michigan. Today, SHEI is still powered entirely by students, but its content encompasses broader cultures through the lens fashion and art. Staff members publish a bi-annual print magazine, along with SHEI Digital, a free monthly digital magazine. SHEI aims to be a place for students on campus interested in fashion and media to gain experience and necessary skills to succeed in the highly competitive fashion and publishing industries. According to Editor-in-Chief Liv Velarde, students of various interests are able to get involved with the magazine, which offers opportunities to engage with both the editorial and business sides of the industry. “Our staff members act as fashion and features editors, graphic designers, photographers, marketers, finance coordinators, and event planners, which is what makes SHEI such a unique student organization on campus” said Velarde. SHEI has received national and local recognition. They were previously featured as a top college fashion publication by Teen Vogue, and have received multiple accolades for publication design and fashion from Arts at Michigan. “Our goal is to provide Ann Arbor and the greater Detroit area with premier fashion and culture content, as well as promote designers and artists in our area,” says Editor-in-Chief Liv Velarde. SHEI promotes the growing fashion outlets of the Southeast Michigan region, working with Detroit-based companies such as StockX, Fly Behavior and SMPLFD. SHEI’s upcoming print publication, which will launch this Friday Dec. 7, will be sold and displayed in the new Shinola Hotel. In addition to fostering fashion in Detroit, SHEI works closely with shops in Ann Arbor for photoshoots and events, previously collaborating with Today Clothing, The GetUp Vintage and Verbena.
“With how much raw talent and passion our team members have, it’s sometimes hard to tell that our publication is student work,” says Velarde. “Our budget may be small, but the dedication and professionalism that the team pours into into every draft, every meeting, every photo shoot challenges that.” This Friday, SHEI will be hosting their Launch Party for the release of their print magazine. Their board members have been working on the magazine throughout the semester, crafting fashion shoots and developing featured content for the new issue, which explores the post-millennial generation, honing in on what it means to be a college student in today’s cultural climate. Readers can buy copies of past and current print magazines at SHEI’s website and in the Stanford Lipsey Student Publications Building (420 Maynard Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109). The Launch Party for SHEI’s winter print magazine is open to the public to attend at The Study Hall Lounge in Ann Arbor. Visit the event page for more details: