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Inaugural UpstART fest "puts arts in motion"

Inaugural Upstart Fest puts arts in motion

Celebrating the Arts in the UM Community!

March 31-April 3, 2014 • Mendelssohn Theatre • Power Center

The inaugural UpstART Festival puts the arts in motion, leaping up to reconnect us to what has lived among us all along. The UpstART Festival lifts up the arts, both disruptive and beautiful, on the University of Michigan campus, from expression to performance, and from scholarship to research. By using the arts as both our prism and touchstone, we see how the arts permeate and influence learning across all disciplines on campus.

Over a four day period, students with a passion for art, whether curricular or co-curricular, will showcase their work reflecting all forms of artistic expression, from music to visual art, from theater and dance to poetry and film – culminating with a free student show at the Power Center. Student visual work will be on exhibit in the Michigan League throughout the festival period. An interactive art project will take place over a 10-day period through the end of the festival on Ingalls Mall. Distinguished alumni and faculty will inspire with a series of MTalks at the Mendelssohn Theatre. And all these special events will shine a spotlight on the people in our community who create, inform and uplift through the arts, and on a campus rich with arts opportunities through their efforts!

The UpstART Festival is sponsored by the University of Michigan Arts Consortium, convened by Dr. Lester P. Monts, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Senior Counselor to the President for the Arts, Diversity, and Undergraduate Affairs and Thurnau Professor of Music.

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