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Findin' the groove

By Dana Budzaj

The product of the shared idea of a group of students who dared to dream-up an innovative form of new music, Groove is making its mark among U-M’s student performance groups.

Brought together by their passion for music, U-M’s Groove (photo right) is known for its unique style and sound that incorporates instruments ordinarily intended for other purposes. Creating percussion sound through the use of unlikely materials, such as propane tanks, trashcans, ladders — sometimes played upon with bare hands — along with accompanying traditional instruments, the group inspires the audience to look beyond face-value and imagine other possibilities.

Groove will perform “Groove in 3D,” Friday, Dec. 17, 7:30- 9 pm at Michigan Theater at 603 E. Liberty Street.

Stomp-like in methodology, this high-energy, multitalented, co-ed performance group takes it to the next level by integrating choreography and comical skits into its performances. Groove’s blueprint for creating unique entertainment is driven by the group’s vision of fusing rhythmic music with visual art. Black lights and glow stick entice the eyes, while beats and strings simulate the ears, as the audience absorbs the full essence and experience that is Groove.

The group’s collaboration spans across campus, reaching students from different backgrounds as they unite as musicians and artists with the common goal to create and perform original pieces. Interestingly, not a single music major exists among the group, which shares a love of music and uninhibited creativity.

Since their first performance in a small auditorium in Angell Hall, the word of Groove’s attention-commanding style has been spreading. Typically, their performances are sold out, even when held in the 800-seat Michigan Theatre.

With two end-of-the-semester performances each year, the group’s high-energy stage presence is worth the wait for the audience’s opportunity to engage all senses.

Concert tickets are $5/student and $8/nonstudents.

For more information on Groove, visit the group’s Web site:

Dana Budzaj is an arts writer for Montage.