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Established with the generous support of alumna Penny W. Stamps, the Speaker Series brings 12 respected emerging and established artists/designers from a broad spectrum of media. Speakers conduct a public lecture and engage with students, faculty, and the larger University and Ann Arbor communities.

Additional support is provided by media sponsor, Michigan Radio.

For a complete schedule please visit the School of Art & Design website’s Penny W. Stamps Speaker Series.

The first seven of the 12 speakers include:

PES: PES is an artist who has earned global recognition for his innovative short films and unique approach to stop-motion animation. Sept. 13

SALLY MANN: Her early series of photographs of her three children and husband resulted in a series called “Immediate Family.” In her recent series of landscapes of Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, and Georgia, Mann has stated that she “wanted to go right into the heart of the deep, dark South.” (Sally Mann photo left) Sept. 20


JENNIFER KARADY & PAUL RIECKHOFF: For the past five years, Jennifer Karady has worked with American veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to create staged narrative photographs depicting their stories and address their difficulties in adjusting to civilian life. Sept. 27

PETER HIRSHBERG: A marketing specialist at the epicenter of emerging technology, Hirshberg has spent a quarter of a century charting the reverberations of all things high tech inculture and in business.

Hirshberg first helped bring Apple into the online services arena., then acted as strategic adviser to Microsoft, AOL and NBC. Along the way, he was CEO of and Elemental Software. He’s built a deep understanding of the fundamentals of content production and consumption — and how they’ve changed, both online and off. Oct. 4

YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES: A two-artist collective based in Seoul, South Korea. Using Flash animation techniques, they create fast-moving, text-based artworks that are synchronized with original scores. Oct. 11

ALEXIS ROCKMAN: An American contemporary artist, Rockman is known for paintings (see left)  that provide rich depictions of future landscapes as they might exist with impacts of climate change and evolution influenced by genetic engineering. Oct. 18


OLIVER STONE: Undoubtedly one of the most controversial directors in Hollywood, Oliver Stone has made films that are remarkable for both the way in which their subject matter is handled and the degree of controversy such handling inspires. Although he has served as a producer, screenwriter, and actor on a variety of films, Stone is consistently identified with his more political works, from 1986’s Platoon, the first of his so-called Vietnam trilogy, to Nixon, his 1995 take on the finer points and parables of the Nixon administration. Despite this association with political films, Stone has stated that he considers his films “first and foremost to be dramas about individuals in personal struggles,” and that he believes himself to be a dramatist rather than a political filmmaker. Oct. 25

Unless otherwise noted, all programs take place on Thursdays at 5:10 pm at the historic Michigan Theater, located at 603 E. Liberty Street in downtown Ann Arbor. The lectures are free and open to the public.

— University of Michigan School of Art & Design

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