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Bicentennial StoryCorps Interview No. 6: Three decades apart

Missy Fette (right) graduated from U-M in 1999. Her mother, Nancy Fette, received her Michigan diploma in 1966.

In celebration of the University of Michigan’s Bicentennial, the U-M Library partnered with the national oral history organization StoryCorps to record and preserve stories from our community. During the Fall Festival Bicentennial Celebration, participants had conversations with friends, classmates, family members and colleagues about meaningful experiences at U-M. These stories, presented and curated by the U-M Library in collaboration with StoryCorps, capture the essence of the U-M’s past and present.

Interview No. 6: Nancy & Missy Fette

Mother and daughter Nancy and Missy Fette, who graduated from the University of Michigan three decades apart, talk about how things have changed for women on campus over the years and what their takeaways are from U-M.

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“Another thing I took away from the University of Michigan, it opened my eyes in so many ways. It made me much more aware of what goes on, not just in the United States, but in the world.” —Nancy Fette

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