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Bicentennial StoryCorps Interview No. 11: We are there for all

U-M Librarian Emily Puckett Rodgers (left) spoke with Ann Arbor District Library Director Josie Parker. Photo by StoryCorps.

In celebration of the University of Michigan’s Bicentennial, the U-M Library partnered with the national oral history organization StoryCorps to record and preserve stories from our community. During the Fall Festival Bicentennial Celebration, participants had conversations with friends, classmates, family members and colleagues about meaningful experiences at U-M. These stories, presented and curated by the U-M Library in collaboration with StoryCorps, capture the essence of the U-M’s past and present.

Interview No. 11: Emily Puckett Rodgers & Josie Parker

U-M Librarian Emily Puckett Rodgers and Ann Arbor District Library Director Josie Parker, both alums of the U-M School of Information, discuss the role public libraries are playing in our changing world.

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“I think the bringing people together is the thing we do as a public library in this community that is what I’m super proud of. ” —Josie Parker

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