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Arts Initiative seeks proposals for Creators on Campus

Jessica Jenks

Lynn Hansen, one of first female members of Michigan Marching Band, conducting at U-M 2022 Homecoming

The University of Michigan Arts Initiative is accepting proposals from faculty and staff for fall 2023 and winter 2024 residency programs that will expand existing visiting artist programs, initiate larger-scale visiting artist possibilities, and enhance learning, arts research and the overall campus experience for students.

Through its Creators on Campus program, the initiative will leverage the full scope of resources at the university, positioning U-M as the premier destination for emerging and established artists to drive creativity, collaboration and discovery.

The initiative will make grants available for Visiting Artist Support Grants, which increase support for existing visiting artist programs, and the Visiting Artist Integration Project, which initiates new artist residency programs and individual projects.

All U-M faculty and staff are eligible and encouraged to apply on behalf of any department, school or college, or unit.

Proposals for the program’s first round of funding are due May 8, and selections will be announced June 2. Grant amounts will be determined based on need and in collaboration with the applicant.

“We know U-M is a leader across a number of domains — research, the arts, science, medicine and more. This program will further build on and leverage those strengths through the engagement and support of artists,” said Christopher Audain, Arts Initiative managing director.

“Ultimately, this program will lead to new collaborations and novel experiences for our students, faculty and broader community at large.”

Applications for the CoC program can use the support in the following ways.

Visiting Artist Support Grants

These grants can be used for:

  • Extending the stay of an artist to deepen campus engagement.
  • Supplies and materials for art-making.
  • Technology, video, documentation, and streaming support to reach broader audiences.
  • Student interns to work with the artist or support program implementation.
  • Increasing staff administrative capacity of the unit to facilitate the program.
  • Receptions, meals and meetings to build community and enrich learning.

Visiting Artist Integration Project

These grants can be used for:

  • Artist honoraria.
  • Assistance with calls-for-artists and application processes.
  • Co-developing visiting artist itineraries.
  • Co-developing integration of an artist’s practice within the unit.
  • Additional funding for staffing.

The Arts Initiative seeks to illuminate and expand human connections, inspire collaborative creativity, and build a more just and equitable world through the arts.