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A portrait of vitality

Measuring the impact of the arts and creativity isn’t an easy task. Quantitative measures do not adequately address the inspirational force of the arts, or the significance of how the creative process can transform a mundane idea into a powerful solution to a pressing problem.

Arguably, one way of understanding the breadth and depth of the arts and creative endeavors at the University of Michigan is to document the wide range of activities. MONTAGE has assembled some of the most compelling events of 2009-2010 in a report, “MONTAGE REVIEW: Fostering the arts and creativity in the pursuit of knowledge and building stronger communities.”

The report was assembled by units across the Ann Arbor campus.

To download the report, please click here: MONTAGE REVIEW 2009-2010

In looking through the report, readers will find one dominate theme: Creativity and the arts are vital to the intellectual and creative lives of those at U-M.

Throughout the report, there are examples of how an idea is transformed into a work of art and ingenuity, including the renovation and expansion of the University of Michigan Museum of Art, U-M faculty member recording all 270 of Bach’s works, specific ways U-M is preparing students for fledgling new industries, and the many ways U-M is engaging China as a means to cultivate a deeper cultural understanding.

The report helps the public to understand the role of creativity in the research and expressive work of U-M faculty. While subjects vary greatly, it’s clear knowledge-seekers are driven by a common rigorous questioning-and-answering process whereby new methods, designs and forms of expression are created.

Subsequent reports will include activities at U-M Dearborn and Flint campuses.

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