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4,000 Years for Choice

4,000 Years for Choice: A Graphic Guide to Reproductive Justice

“4,000 Years for Choice” is an exhibition of posters about the age-old practices of abortion and contraception as a means to reclaim reproductive freedom as a deeply personal and life-sustaining act existing throughout all of human history. The “Reproductive Roots” series shines a bright light on the many voices from the abortion care and reproductive justice movements using vividly designed social media graphics and notecards to inspire conversations from a breadth of perspectives.

Heather Ault is a visual artist, pro-choice activist, and independent scholar creating artwork to shift conversations about reproductive rights and justice. Her work has been exhibited throughout the country. In 2011 she won the Vision Award from the Abortion Care Network for her innovative work.

This exhibit is on display in the Lane Hall Gallery now through May 20, 2014 and is presented by The Institute for Research on Women and Gender and the Department of Women’s Studies, with co-sponsorship from the Program for Sexual Rights and Reproductive Justice, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design.

For more information on the exhibition, visit or Heather Ault’s website.

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