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2014 MFA Thesis Exhibitions

2014 MFA thesis exhibitions: Students display provocative, new work

Between March 10 and April 8 2014, work by third-year graduate students is featured at the School’s Robbins, Slusser and Work • Ann Arbor galleries, in special film screenings, and at Detroit’s Jam Handy Building and El Museo Del Norte.

The featured image here comes from Anne Bartges’ exhibit titled “Catch Me.” Bartges describes the motivation behind her collection :

“When my father passed away, the numerous snapshot photos and home videos of his image transformed instantly from Kodak moments to personal monuments. In ‘Catch Me,’ I use video projection and live performance to explore complex relationships between living memory, photography, time, representation and the separation between self and image. Looping narratives within the piece privilege desire over logic as I work to resuscitate the media remnants left behind.”


Visit the 2014 MFA Thesis Exhibitions page to view all exhibition details.

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