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With Love, From Inside

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Welcome to With Love, From Inside!

“With Love, From Inside” is an original play crafted by the Dropped Keys Theatre Company, which includes University of Michigan undergraduate theater students and currently and formerly incarcerated writers and performers. The play emerged from students’ visits to lead acting workshops with incarcerated individuals. It vividly recounts stories that incarcerated theater makers wanted to share with outside audiences, blurring the boundaries between the incarcerated and free world. Through letters and correspondence, it explores joys, struggles, resilience, injustice, and our shared humanity across prison walls.

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The U-M Arts Initiative seeks to illuminate and expand human connections, inspire collaborative creativity, and build a more just and equitable world through the arts. It is a University-wide multidisciplinary effort to make the arts central to University of Michigan’s identity and mission.


The Dropped Keys Theatre Company formed in September 2023 for the purpose of dramatizing the stories of currently and formerly incarcerated people. Their work begins with theater workshops inside prisons where people serving time and members of the University of Michigan community collaborate. They perform in venues outside of prisons as a means of carrying these performances across the walls that divide us.