Art Outta Town is a program offering a number of off– campus trips each semester for a low student price which includes transportation, tickets, and sometimes food or swag! These trips are a perfect way to explore arts and culture beyond the campus with your residence hall, student organization, or other campus groups, and to meet new people who love the arts. Learn more here.

Art Outta Town Story

This semester our Art Outta Town program took students on four different trips to explore the arts beyond Ann Arbor. Our first trip was to the Fisher Theatre in Detroit, where students had the chance to see the Academy Award-winning Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse with a live DJ and live all-women orchestra accompaniment.

Afterwards, one student said: “I had not seen the movie or experienced something in live concert before, and I really felt that it was a whole new experience of art.” The next month we went to the Holy Bones Festival in Ypsilanti to see local artisans’ work, attend drag shows, and watch a local film premiere.

We then took a large trip of students to the Toledo Museum of Art, where students had the chance to experience a wide range of artwork from different eras, as well as the glass pavilion. We finished out the semester in East Lansing with a touring Broadway production of Hairspray. From visual arts to film to music to theater, these trips offered something for everyone and gave students an amazing opportunity to expand their artistic horizons! All trips are offered low to no cost and include event admission and round trip transportation, providing students with an accessible way to explore new art forms that they might not normally have a chance to experience. As one student put it after joining us on a trip, “I liked not only being able to get out of my dorm, but also being able to go somewhere I probably never would have had the chance to go to otherwise.”