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Visualizing Telematic Performance

Principal Investigators

  • Michael Gurevich


  • John Granzow


  • Matt Albert



Performing Arts Technology / SMTD

The physical gestures that chamber ensembles and other musicians enact in order to seamlessly perform ‘as one’ include cues such as a fleeting glance, a subtle nod of the head, or the rise of the torso. These physical gestures are the root of how musicians share vital information to one another – empowering them to share ideas and stay open to improvisational interpretations.

With the pandemic now requiring musicians to perform remotely, the limitations of video – which is currently the main aspect of telematic performance – to communicate these subtle physical gestures has become clear.

Researchers for “Visualizing Telematic Performance” have spent the past year and a half conducting a series of experiments to explore other ways that these visual cues can be shared. This Winter 2022, they will hold a public workshop and performance to show the experimental ideas that they hope will shift the scope of what telematic performance can encompass.

Click the link below to watch a short preview of their innovative work.