Working in collaboration with the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA), the Institute for the Humanities, and the Digital Studies Institute - the Arts Initiative co-presented a series of discussions which aimed to envision what the future of art looks like from a variety of perspectives including : what inclusivity in the arts looks like, if acceptance is the future of art, whether to repair or rebuild art institutions, how activism is connected to art, and the connection between technology and art.

Future of Arts Panel Discussion
This panel discussion features William DeresiewiczSammusatiya jones and Monica Byrne.
Technology and the Future of Art
This panel discussion features American Artist and Salome Asega.
Future of Art: Who is Art For?
This panel discussion features Donna Walker-KuhneCayenne HarrisSara Billman and Jim Leija.
Is Acceptance the Future of Art?
This panel discussion features Ayana Evans and Reginald Jackson.
The Future Of Art: Designing The Memorial To Enslaved Laborers At UVA
This panel discussion features Eric HöwelerEto OtitigbeMabel O. WilsonJ. Meejin Yoon and Kristin Hass.
The Future of Art Institutions: Rebuild or Repair?
This panel discussion features Terence WashingtonAnya Sirota and Maurita Poole.