Arts + the Curriculum Symposium

The symposium brings together the project teams to publicly share what they achieved and how this focus on arts in teaching and learning has affected their pedagogical practices. 

The Arts Initiative supported 16 projects that expanded curricular development, research that explored the application of the arts in classrooms, or programs that enhanced the connection between teaching at the University of Michigan and the arts. Projects promoted integration of arts thinking, methodologies, or practices into student learning through teaching and learning to promote arts in the classroom more widely across the University of Michigan. 

Date: September 20, 2023

Place: Michigan League, Vandenberg Room 

Time: 11:30-5:00

  • Welcome & Introduction 12:00-12:30, with lunch 
  • 12:45 Group 1 Arts + Justice
    • Curriculum development for Transmedia + Justice; Emilia Yang 
    • Unlocking the Arts in Flint; Benjamin Gaydos
    • Art and Agency from the Inside Out: Building Space for Critical Dialogue and Emotional Expression through Creative Practice; Anna Muller and Paul Draus
    • The Implementation of Forum Theatre to Engage in Difficult Conversations within the U-M Social Work Community; Ashley Cureton 
  • 1:45 Group 2 Learning + Co-Creation
    • Checkup: Revisualizing spaces of care through a multidisciplinary immersion experience; Jonathan Rule and Michelle Aebersold
    • A Zine About “Students as Partners”; PI Michael MacDonald with Maya Barak
    • Co-Creating with Swineryy: Social Critique, Social Media, and Pakistan; Rebekah Modrak and Yvette Granata
  • 2:30 Group 3 New Methods + Discipline
    • Creation of a Video Production Module; Kelly Bowker
    • Art and Advocacy; Patrick Barry 
    • Arab American Perspectives: Filmic Visions of Dearborn; PI Adam Sekuler, with Jen Proctor
  • 3:15 Group 4 Art + the Body
    • Dancing and Writing Disability Differently: Non-Realist Embodiment and the Speculative Imagination; Petra Kuppers
    • The Art of Anatomy; Melissa Gross and Jennifer Gear
    • Equitable Stage Makeup and Hair Modules; Christianne Myers and Sarah Oliver
    • Kongo to Congo Square; PI Robin Wilson
  • 4:00 Group 5 Research Design 
    • Assessing Faculty Engineering/Arts Student Teams; John Granzow and Deb Mexicotte