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Screen Arts & Cultures

  • 6330 North Quad
  • 105 S. State St.
  • Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1285

The U-M College of Literature, Science & the Arts’ Screen Arts & Cultures Program studies the moving image as seen on multiple screens on the big screens of movie palaces, the cineplex, the art house, and the film festival; on small screens ensconced in mammoth fifties consoles, and those of giant flat-screened visual glory.

Screen Arts and Cultures (SAC) is uniquely situated to help LSA students explore the intersection of intellectual study and creative practice in the arts. In contrast to the film school or art school model, SAC offers a well conceived integration of critical studies and creative production that examines American and world film, video art, television, and digital media, as well as the development of particular genres and the careers of individual artists.

Undergraduate students are offered exceptional practical experience in filmmaking, video, television, digital media, as well as a challenging merit-based sequence of screenwriting and TV writing courses to qualified students.

With a burgeoning doctoral program in screen arts and a faculty of award winning scholars, screenwriters, and media makers, U-M Screen Arts and Cultures offers a vibrant intellectual and artistic community here in the Midwest/Great Lakes region.