History of Art

  • 110 Tappan Hall
  • 855 South University Ave.
  • Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1357

One of the three largest departments of art history in North America, with specialists covering every major continent, U-M has ranked among the top art history doctoral programs nationally. The department traces its origins to 1910, and has been home to some of the most distinguished scholars in the field. In keeping with this long tradition, the Art History program encourages interdisciplinary work to take advantage of the University’s great strengths across fields, including anthropology, archaeology, philosophy, film studies, women’s studies, area studies, and law.

Combining historical depth and cultural range in research and teaching, the department has long-established strengths in Asian, African, European, and North American art. Strengths include:

  • A rigorous undergraduate program combining course work, field trips, and first-hand exposure to original works of art that prepares students for a variety of careers as well as post-graduate education
  • A prestigious graduate program that benefits from vital interdisciplinary connections with area studies centers, related disciplines, and museums
  • Faculty with a strong commitment to research as well as teaching who are innovators in their fields
  • A tradition of collegiality and cultural and methodological breadth
  • A strong culture of collaboration with the museum world

The History of Art is a department within the U-M College of Literature, Science & the Arts.