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Photographer: Rajeev Verma, Ph.D. Student, College of Engineering
Many of the pages on our site feature photography from students and alumni from the university. Submissions are welcome.
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Arts at Michigan believes that the arts are essential to shaping our individual and collective identities and understanding what it means to be a citizen of a diverse multi-cultural society.

Arts at Michigan works to integrate the visual, performing, and literary arts into the undergraduate experience at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus. Programs include Welcome Week’s Artscapade!, the Art Outta Town series of cultural institutions in lower Michigan, and grants to support the incorporation of arts events into the curriculum, residence hall living, and student organization activities. The office also operates Arts Info, a weekly email of arts activities, and runs the Arts at Michigan Web site.

Arts at Michigan exists to integrate arts and culture into the undergraduate experience at the University of Michigan. We do this through the Events, Programs, Funding and Resources that we provide to students both on campus and on this Web site.

  • Increasing student access to the arts
  • Promoting arts as a tool for student learning and development
  • Supporting students’ creativity and arts initiatives
  • Serving as an informational resource

Arts at Michigan programs actively engage undergraduate students in the arts as a meaningful way to build connections between academic and co-curricular experiences and engage student life overall. Founded in the 1999-2000 academic year, Arts at Michigan fosters creative learning, multi-disciplinary approaches and global perspectives by providing the resources students, faculty, and staff need to utilize the arts as tools for learning.

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