An Interview with Sinaboro: Annual Concert

This week, I had the privilege to sit down with public relations manager, Seohee You, of the traditional Korean drumming group on campus called Sinaboro.  At our meeting, she told me all about the group and their upcoming performance!


What is Sinaboro?

Sinaboro is a Korean traditional percussion group here on campus. Their goal is to provide genuine Korean culture on campus that stems from tradition, both spreading more knowledge on campus and learning more in the process.

Sinaboro has been around for 11 years, having celebrated their 10th annual concert last year.


Where does the name Sinaboro come from?

Sinaboro means “gradually getting louder” in Korean, explained Seohee.  She feels it accurately describes their drumming sound.


Who participates in Sinaboro?

Anyone can participate in Sinaboro that is interested, said Seohee.  They have members studying in a large variety of departments.  While those students with previous drumming experience are nice, they’ll take all levels of experience.  They love to gear towards freshmen because it’s really nice to have students who stay with the group all four years, she said.  Seohee expressed her regret at not having joined during her first year (she’s a senior now, only joining last year).

Seohee explained the group practices about 3 hours every week while staff does about 5 hours a week.  Plus, they also perform at gigs to raise money every semester.

While the majority of their group is Korean, you do not by any means have to be Korean to join.  About half of the group is international students, Seohee says, but they conduct meetings and group events in English, so as not to exclude their non-Korean members.  (Seohee did tell me that last year, everyone knew Korean, so they held meetings entirely in Korean!)


Why do you think people choose to participate in Sinaboro? 

Seohee explained that many are looking for that shared, cultural experience, easily found in a predominately Korean organization, but she also said their members stem mainly from a desire to learn more about Korean culture.  Seohee feels that many are attracted to Sinaboro because it is a flavor of Korean culture and tradition, different from a Korean social networking organization or purely social environment.


What can you tell me about your concert coming up?

Seohee said that their group works all year for this concert, providing them the opportunity to spread their passion for the art and showcase all their hard work.  It is a mix of Korean culture and American culture, she explained.  Every concert has a theme too, and this year, the theme is Cinderella.  Seohee filled me in on an exciting homemade film they’ll be showing throughout the concert, starring the cast of Sinaboro, inspired by the theme.


Why should people come see the show?

It’s a rare opportunity to see Korean culture being showcased on campus, said Seohee.  “[It’s a] fun night – they have fun, everyone should have fun!”


What’s unique about Korean drumming?

“[You work] together as a group,” explained Seohee.   It’s about playing synchronized drumming, so it’s never about just one person.  Seohee said that this is part of the reason she feels that their group is especially so close-knit.  “It’s all about teamwork.”


Come out and support Sinaboro on Wednesday, April 4th at 7pm in the Mendelssohn Theater in the League!  It’s going to be a truly fantastic show, and the enthusiasm of the group and their passion for the subject is sure to explode off the stage.  Can’t wait!



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