A Fusion Dance Experience With TAAL

TAAL is a competitive Indian fusion dance team. They borrow from Bollywood, Bhangra, classical Indian and hip hop dance styles to create a 10 min production that tells a story.



TAAL was first formed in 2005 by a group of girls and was the first Bollywood fusion dance team on campus. It continues to this day to be an all girls team.

A unique aspect of being a fusion team means that all members participate in creating the dances. Team members have various dance experience and come from different backgrounds. They use these differences to create a unique story to perform at competitions. Dances include costumes,costume changes, sets, and a storyline. Last year’s theme was Night at the museum.

Above is their performance at That Brown Show.

This year TAAL has been accepted to  NASHA at Purdue University on January 25th

TAAL is a unique team to campus and no one can describe themselves better than themselves . “We are a diverse team that participates in many on-campus fundraising event performances, all while spreading (mostly) Indian culture across campus. We also compete nationally, representing the Michigan name everywhere we go!”

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