REVIEW: Mock Rock

Wow. I think the overall all consensus after last night’s Mock Rock performance by our beloved student athletes was, “Well, that could have gone a lot better.” Don’t get me wrong, the skits were overall cute and entertaining. Perhaps slightly less so than last year, where highlights included the men’s swim team and the presentation by the football players/cheerleaders; however, nothing was quite up to my expectations. The Lion King-inspired performance was probably the best, I’d say, but other than that, nothing ground-breaking in the field.

Now, the Emcee. Jalen Rose, former UM basketball player and overall an all-star athlete, was just outright embarrassing. What at first seemed like enthusiastic promise turned into awkward and clumsy fumbles that his wit and somewhat clever remarks never worked to make up for. For example, after a really spectacular introduction, written for him on his notes mind you, he forgot he had already introduced the judges, told us that it said “to introduce the judges!”, and proceeded to just do it again by saying “um…Judge #1!” because he forgot the name of our women’s water polo coach and Olympian, Betsey Armstrong. So bad.

Don’t let this review dissuade you from attending next year, however, because Mock Rock really is a great event for the University of Michigan. Not only do we get to hoot and holler for our favorite UM athletes and see them actually less than stellar at something (like dancing and singing), but all proceeds go to Mott’s Children’s Hospital. It’s really a great event and worth your time. Even if only for a laugh.

Mock Rock 2013 was definitely an event to remember, but perhaps not in the way the Mock Rock-ers would have wanted. Better luck next year!

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