Smile Baby

Gurgling in my stomach

making its way up through my chest

until its clenched in the back of my throat,

wanting a new location knowing there’s only one way out.

Starting off as a cackle it grows depth

it grows deep

it becomes as loud as the bell

interrupting much-needed sleep,

it has rhythm, soul, grit.

It escapes with a vengeance

searching for its heartless victim,

yet it will come out long, hard, strong, peaceful.

It pulsates, strengthens from the inner glow

lined with dreams and hope within the core of my body

connected like an invisible string.

It will flourish, when I flourish

Let’s be honest,

sometimes it takes every inch of every bone

in my carelessly contorted body to hear it again.

It tries.

Starting from the back of my throat,

a meek squeak escapes,

sucked clean of all soul,

a dry towel looking to quench another’s

dying desire for it’s presence.

My mouth brick ups, I tell myself

“just smile baby.”

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