Lost Inspir(on)ation

Do you remember the first time you saw them, really saw them?
and then things

broke.   Failed.   Needed system repair.  Can’t reboot where’s the startup menu?

And after all the mess there’s that one time you stopped stopping the emotion and it Flowed,
articulated it so well into something proudrealfullofemotion which Never. Happens.


This time in Words, and for the moment you were Eliot, Auden, or Cummings
when usually they’re disguised under the pseudonym of INeverCaredAnyway.doc
Words that showed validation of the storm, the reality of the water and the fog and all the elements that felt too real and had to be real, otherwise the voyage was never worth it in the first place, even if you never reached Neverland.

Thought the words would be something to look back on, timeless if not to most others then at least in the anthology of the Self’s Greatest Works, proving that you were capable of not being devoid of all passion or skill.

And then everything went blue.
All the words drowned within the vast abyss of unrecoverable wasteland
Tossing and turning within the waves
The diamond is lost in the sea, the old lady said. The shipwreck lost everything. Jack isn’t coming back and Rose is left wondering if the China plates really shook.

Ultimately the code was broken, the stone wall fell and more ships sailed. Never one quite like the Original, but that boat is still just a memory anyway.

Years past and she grew older, bought a replacement necklace but was never able to replicate the exact cut, shape, color of the diamond.

But she will never forget the first time wore that necklace, wrote those words, or really saw him.

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