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2014 Summer Scavenger Hunt

The Summer Arts Scavenger Hunt is a fun summer activity and a chance to win an iPod Touch! All members of the U-M community are invited to play — faculty, students, staff, and friends!

We'll post a question each week in May, June, July, and August. All the answers can be found online, but some require the clever use of a search engine. So type up your answers and submit them to us at the end of the summer

See complete contest rules

Keep track of your answers through the summer, and send us all your answers at one time to before midnight on Sunday September 10th! See complete rules below.

The Questions

2014 Summer Scavenger Hunt
  1. May 1: Q: One of the bands playing at this weekend's Water Hill Music Festival is called the Moanin' what? Which University of Michigan school's graduation ceremony will this band also play for this weekend on May 2nd at the Power Center? What Looney Tunes' cartoon character was also this type of animal? What song title did this character's first name come from?

  2. May 8: Q: What singer-songwriter is headlining a show on May 13th at the Ark? In what restaurant did one of her most popular songs take place? What TV show also featured that same restaurant, under a different name? For what other tv show did this cast reunite in 2009?

  3. May 15: Q: What Jim Jarmusch film is playing at the State Theatre this week? Who plays the female romantic lead in this film? What other film is she featured in that is also playing at the State Theatre this week? In what other film by that film's director's did the actress appear?

  4. May 22: Q: Which Architect is featured in the current installment of Three Michigan Architects at UMMA? On what street did this architect begin constructing his home with his wife in 1952? While known mostly for his residential buildings, what was this architect's student thesis project? What award did he receive from the AIA Michigan in 1999?

  5. May 29: Q: Where is the band Nevada Color performing on May 29th? What state is the band from? What Country is mentioned in one of the opening act's names? What Color is included in the other opening act's name? What color results in mixing the two colors mentioned in the venue name and the opening act's name?

  6. June 5: Q: What band is playing June 5 at a Sonic Lunch Concert? What part of Michigan does the band now live in? What previously-solo local musician recently became part of this band? What musical entity did this band's former drummer go on to become?

  7. June 12: Q: Who is the lead character in David Zinn's chalk drawings, which will be featured at Top of the Park? What was the name of the coffee table book about Zinn's work? A word often associated with his work is Trompe-l'œil-- what does this French term mean in English? What word is used to describe "A fanciful form of architectural trompe-l'œil that features realistically rendered paintings of such items as paper knives, playing cards, ribbons, and scissors, apparently accidentally left lying around?"

  8. June 19: Q: By what temple in India is the Architects of Air's art installation on Palmer field inspired? What popular band wrote a song in 1998 that shares its title with the name of the flower this temple was designed to resemble? What album was that song included on? Who are the two main characters in the film that shares its name with this album?

  9. June 26: Q: What film is being shown at Top of the Park on June 29th? Who wrote the book that film was based on? What year was the book written? At what University are the original manuscripts, drafts, and proofs for this book now held?

  10. July 3: Q: The Outer Vibe, playing Top of The Park on July 5th. What two 1970s bands do the band cite as influences in addition to contemporaries Muse and Maroon 5? Which of those two classic rock bands formed first? From what city did both of those bands hail? What city does The Outer Vibe call home?

  11. July 10: Q: Lee DeWyze is playing at the Ark this week. What animal is featured in the title of the song he recently had featured on The Walking Dead? What nursery rhyme also features this animal? Which of the Beatles also wrote and sang a song featuring this animal? What inspired the Beatle to write this song?

  12. July 17: Q: Which of the 4 art fairs in Ann Arbor has a poster designed by Nick Wroblewski? What U-M building is featured on the poster? In what year was this building built? Who was the architect of this building?

  13. July 24: Q: Which local architect is featured in Three Michigan Architects: Part 3, currently on view at UMMA? In what year was this architect born? At what school was this architect trained? What 97-year old architect is also an alumnus there, and designed the glass pyramid at the Louvre?

  14. July 31: Q: Which musician is performing this week's free Sonic Lunch concert? What is the name of this musician's forthcoming debut album? What animal is featured in this musician's video for Mess Is Mine? What profession does this animal take on in the music video?

  15. August 7: Q: Which musician is performing this week with his "Large Band" at the Michigan Theater? How many Grammys has this musician won? At what venue did this musician perform the day before the Michigan Theater show? What is this musician's middle name?

  16. August 14: Q: What cult classic is playing at the midnight show on August 16th at the State Theatre? Who is the main character in this film? What is the latest album by the pop musician who shares this film's character's name? In what year was this musician named Woman of the Year by Billboard Magazine?

  17. August 21: Q: What comedian is performing on August 22nd at the Michigan Theater? What TV show is this comedian best known for? Who plays a character in this show names Arthur Spooner? And what is a spoonerized version of the name of the actor who plays him?

  18. August 28: Q: What performer is headlining a show at The Ark on September 2nd? What band is this musician best known for being part of? What magazine labeled this band as "The Most Rock 'n' Roll Rock 'n' Roll Band in the World?" With what rival magazine did this magazine eventually merge?

Complete Rules

  • All answers are due by Sunday, September 10 at midnight.
  • The Grand Prize, an iPod Touch, will be awarded at random from among those who submit the highest number of correct answers.
  • Other prizes will be awarded to runners-up.
  • The winner(s) will be notified upon selection.
  • Value of prizes may vary; no prizes are redeemable in cash.
  • Chances of winning depend upon number of entries received and increase with the number of correct answers submitted.

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