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2013 Summer Scavenger Hunt

The Summer Arts Scavenger Hunt is a fun summer activity and a chance to win an iPod Touch! All members of the U-M community are invited to play — faculty, students, staff, and friends!

We'll post a question each week in May, June, July, and August. All the answers answers can be found online, but some require the clever use of a search engine. So type up your answers and email them in at the end of the summer!

See complete contest rules

Keep track of your answers through the summer, and send us all your answers at one time to before midnight on Sunday September 8th! See complete rules below.

The Questions

2013 Summer Scavenger Hunt
  1. May 2: Q: What folk legend is being honored at tonight's show at The Ark? What birthday is he celebrating? What is the name of the progressive movement song written by this singer, which later became a Top 10 hit for Peter, Paul and Mary in 1962?

  2. May 9: Q: What American film director's work is on display at Hatcher Graduate Library? What is his highest-grossing film to date? In what year was his body of work recognized with an Honorary Academy Award?

  3. May 16: Q: What folk singer is playing at The Ark tonight? What was the name of her "folk opera"? What singer-songwriter noticed this singer in 2003, and signed her to Righteous Babe Records?

  4. May 23: Q: What band is being honored at a tribute show at The Blind Pig on Friday night? What date did this band play at The Blind Pig on their 1990 US Bleach Tour? What genre of music is the band attributed to bringing from Seattle to the mainstream?

  5. May 30: Q: What public radio humorist is coming to Hill Auditorium on Saturday, June 1? What was his pseudonym for his advice column that ran on until September 2001? What is his signature shoe color?

  6. June 6: Q: What William Shakespeare play is being performed in the Arb this weekend? Who are the two pairs of lovers chronicled in the play? What frontman is writing songs for a rock 'n' roll updating of the Shakespearean play, to be called "These Paper Bullets"?

  7. June 13: Q: What "Glee" star is performing at The Michigan Theater today as part of Sonic Lunch? Where did the star earn his Bachelors of Fine Arts from? In what film did he make his movie debut?

  8. June 20 Q:What weaving extravaganza is taking place at Ingalls Mall this weekend? What is the name of the theater company that organized the messy, interactive piece? What was the name of the group's piece that incorporated cardboard trees, ponds and boulders?

  9. June 27: Q: What sci-fi show is coming to the Power Center on Sunday, June 30? What is the most terrible threat to humanity that the show's heroes must face? What type of artist tries to recreate the background noises so crucial to the play's comic-inspired message?

  10. July 4: Q: What all-male ballet company is coming to the Power Center on Friday, July 5? What year was the company founded? On what show did the group perform with Kermit and Miss Piggy?

  11. July 11: Q: What off-Broadway hit will be performed at the Performance Network this weekend? What disease does the one of the main characters have? Which two "Gilmore Girls" stars played in the Second Stage production of the play in January 2009?

  12. July 18 Q: What husband and wife design duo has chairs of both plywood and molded fiberglass included in UMMA's new Design gallery? What famous architectural piece is the base of this chair named after? For which World's Fair was the namesake's structure built?

  13. July 25 Q: What husband-wife duo are performing at The Ark on Sunday? Which song of theirs did The Guardian call "one of the 100 best songs ever written about heartbreak"? Which Wilco member contributed guitar and backup vocals on the group's album "Through the Trees"?

  14. August 1: What local band is playing at Sonic Lunch today? How do they fuel their band's vehicle on tour? After what national disaster did the band donate proceeds from the sale of their song "Washed Away?"

  15. August 8: What Ann Arbor-based artist is making his way to Sonic Lunch today? When did he pick up his first guitar? When was the last time he had a "real job"?

  16. August 15: What Kalamazoo bluegrass band is playing in Liberty Plaza? At which Michigan-based brewery did the band record a live album in 2007? What is the name of their popular summer beer?

  17. August 22: What non-blood-related family band is playing at this week's Sonic Lunch concert? What label are they signed to? What jam band frontman started the label?

  18. August 29: What film is playing on September 1st at the Michigan Theater as part of the Summer Classic Film Series? What actress plays the lead in this film? What color is her hair in this film? In what awards show did she win best actress for the film?

Complete Rules

  • All answers are due by Sunday, September 9 at midnight.
  • The Grand Prize, an iPod Touch, will be awarded at random from among those who submit the highest number of correct answers.
  • Other prizes will be awarded to runners-up.
  • The winner(s) will be notified upon selection.
  • Value of prizes may vary; no prizes are redeemable in cash.
  • Chances of winning depend upon number of entries received and increase with the number of correct answers submitted.

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